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North Carolina State Board of Optometry

February 13, 2003

Raleigh, North Carolina



The North Carolina State Board of Optometry met on Thursday, February 13, 2003 in Raleigh, North Carolina for a specially called meeting.† Dr. William Hendrix, President called the meeting to order promptly at 3:00 P.M. with the following Members present:† Drs. Joel Banks, David Baxter, William Rafferty and Ms. Trudy Mitchell.† Also present was Dr. John D. Robinson, the Executive Director of the Board.


On a motion by Dr. Banks seconded by Dr. Baxter it was proposed that in accordance with the provisions of NCGS 143.318.11(a)(3) the Board go into closed session to discuss potential litigation and to review further the issues brought up by Mr. Loper at its last meeting in Raleigh on January 31, 2003.† The motion carried unanimously.


At 4:40 P.M. the meeting was recessed.


At 5:00 P.M. Mr. Loper joined the Board in closed session to further advise the Members of the Board following his briefing the Officers of the North Carolina State Optometric Society on the activities surrounding the discussions with the Medical Board over the past three and a half years on the subject of the use of injections by optometrists and the likelihood of litigation between the Medical Board and the Optometry Board over this issue.


At 5:20 P.M. the meeting was again recessed during which time Drs. Scott Philippe, President, Charles Pruden, Secretary/Treasurer and David Anderson representing the North Carolina State Optometric Society along with Ms. Sue Gardner, the Societyís Executive Director appeared briefly to greet to the Members of the Board. No issues discussed by the Board in closed session were discussed with the Society during the brief social gathering.


At 5:30 P.M. the closed session was once again called to order by the President.† Joining the other Members of the Board, Dr. Robinson and Mr. Loper was Dr. Scott Edwards, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board.† Following Mr. Loperís report, Dr. Baxter moved and Dr. Banks second a motion that the Board authorize Mr. Loper to discuss further with Mr. Thom Mansfield, attorney for the Medical Board the scope of injections issue that the Optometry Board and the Medical Board might ask the appropriate court to decide. The motion carried unanimously.





The closed session was ended at 6:30 P.M.



The President asked if there was any old business.† There being none, he then asked if there was any new business.† Hearing none he asked for a motion to adjourn.


On a motion by Dr. Edwards, seconded by Dr. Rafferty and carried unanimously the meeting was adjourned at 6:35 P.M.