Minutes of the

North Carolina State Board of Optometry

August, 27 – 28, 2004

Wallace, North Carolina



The North Carolina State Board of Examiners in Optometry met at the Board’s office in Wallace, North Carolina on Friday and Saturday, August 27 - 28, 2004 to determine the results of the Summer 2004 Clinical/Practicum Examinations and for other purposes.  Present were Drs. Joel Banks, President, David Anderson, David Baxter, Scott Edwards and William Rafferty, members of the Board.  Ms. Trudy Mitchell, Secretary/Treasurer, was unable to be present due to family illness.  Also present were Dr. John Robinson, the Executive Director and Janice Peterson, R.N., Administrative Secretary.                                                                                                      

The meeting was called to order by the President who offered an opening prayer.


On a motion by Dr. Baxter, seconded by Dr. Anderson and carried unanimously, the Minutes of the August 5 – August 9, 2004 meeting were approved.


Report of the President The President made no formal report.


Report of the Secretary/Treasurer   In the absence of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Director reviewed the Budget Report for the period July 1 – August 23, 2004.   Since there were minimal changes in this report from the one presented at the meeting three weeks ago, there were no questions by Members of the Board.  On a motion by Dr. Edwards and seconded by Dr. Anderson, the budget report was accepted...


 Report of the Executive Director   The Executive Director gave an update on ongoing activities previously reported; to wit, current litigation, computer programming, the Federal Trade Commission’s Rules & Regulations regarding release and/or verification of contact lens prescriptions, and recent legislation concerning a proposed school of optometry a UNC Pembroke.  He also called the Board’s attention to the North Carolina Optometric Society’s web site, specifically to the page giving their members the option to list or designate themselves as specializing in one of several specialties.  It appears that such listings could be in conflict with the Board’s policy in regards to an optometrist advertising themselves as being a “specialist” or “certified” in the practice of optometry.

On a motion by Dr. Baxter, seconded by Dr. Edwards and carried unanimously, the report of the Executive Director was accepted.



Following the report of the Executive Director, the President directed that the Board make the State Optometric Society aware of its concerns as to the manner in which they offer their members an opportunity to list themselves as specialists or as being certified on the Society’s web site, especially since this now appears to be in conflict with stated Board Policy in this regard.


Dr. Raffety made a brief report on the Diabetic Study research program currently underway that involves a number of optometrists over the state.


Determination of Examination Results  On a motion by Dr. Baxter, seconded by Dr. Edwards and carried unanimously the Board went into closed session in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3).


The results of the scoring of each of the applicant’s performance on the examinations were thoroughly reviewed by the Members of the Board following which the Board returned to open session on a motion by Dr. Edwards, seconded by Dr. Anderson and carried unanimously


The review of the scoring of the Summer 2004 Examinations having been completed, Dr. Edwards moved and Dr. Anderson seconded a motion that carried unanimously that these candidates listed along with their license number below be notified that they were successful in passing the examination and that they are now licensed to practice optometry in the State of North Carolina with their names having been duly entered into the Board Registry and assigned license numbers as follows:




                        Angela Holland Bergin                          #1940

                        Sara Brigman                                                    #1941

                        Stacy Jill Bumgarner Bryant                              #1942

                        Laura Nicole Burke                                          #1943

                        G. Nathan Butterworth                         #1944

                        Michael D. Carstens                                         #1945

                        Jamie J. Capser                                                #1946

                        David J. Coward                                              #1947

                        My Thuan L. Do                                               #1948

                        Chad James Douglas                                        #1949

                        Shirin Esmail                                                     #1950

                        Jason Aaron Gould                                           #1951

                        Victoria Yu-Fung Ha                                        #1952

                        Benjamin Lanier Hobbs                                    #1953

                        Stacy Renell Humberson                                   #1954

                        Luc Emmanuel Kanicky                                    #1955

                        Glenn Arthur Klaus, Jr.                         #1956

                        Alexa Rawlings Lupfer                          #1957

                        Vanessa Marie Mills                                         #1958

                        David Michael Mitchell                         #1959

                        Lisa Ledet Mitchell                                           #1960

                        Sallie Grist Mitchell                                           #1961

                        Bruce Alan Pate                                               #1962

                        Sanjay Bipinchandra Patel                                 #1963

                        Hitendra Prahladbhai Prajapati              #1964

                        Kyle Matthew Schaub                                      #1965

                        Keisha Chermise Smith                         #1966

                        Floyd J. Stewart, III                                         #1967

                        Robert Michael Szypczak                                 #1968

                        Melissa Mokhadere Tanbakuchi                       #1969

                        Jared Andrew Taylor                                        #1970

                        Alex Michael Wahl                                           #1971

                        Jeffrey Scott Wilkins                                         #1972

                        Michael Qui Hui Xu                                          #1973

                        Eric M. Yopp                                                   #1974 



On a motion by Dr. Edwards, seconded by Dr. Baxter and carried unanimously the following candidates were determined to have not passed the examination:



                        Chinwendu Anukwuem

                        Krystal Pusser Bragg

                        Paul John Vincent Burt

                        Lila Milland Cantrell

                        Bruce Lee Gladstone

                        Mala Gundecha

                        Cynthia Dawn Inman

                        Jee Me Kim

                        John Michael Melnyk

                        Kimberly Rae Parks

                        Eva Shiau

                        Jessica Faye Sirak-Smith

                        Arun Thoppe Subramanian

                        Jennifer Robyn Switak

                        Crystal Gayle Whittington



Dr. Baxter moved and Dr. Anderson seconded a motion that the candidates listed above be notified of their failure.  The motion carried unanimously.

New Business:   The President assigned the following Members of the Board to work with the Executive Director and Staff on a variety of matters:


Dr. Rafferty to be the Board representative on the Examination Review Committee to review the Summer 2004 Examinations with any failing candidate who requests a review.  Reviews, if any, are to take place prior to the Asheville Meeting in November in order for the Committee to make its recommendations known to the Board prior to the deadline for filing for the Winter 2005 Examinations.


             Drs. Baxter and Rafferty to review the evaluation and scoring of both the sections         and parts of the examinations including the procedures and the scenarios along   with the weighting of each.       


            Drs. Rafferty and Anderson to review and update the database of          “diagnoses” in   the Board’s scenario data base.


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will be at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC beginning on Thursday, November 11,  2004 and ending no later than noon on Sunday, November 14, 2004.  Dr. Baxter moved and Dr. Anderson seconded a motion that the Board Members use Wednesday, November10, 2004 as a travel day and that reimbursement for the meeting be for travel, 5 days subsistence and 4 hotel nights.  The motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 P.M. Saturday, August 28, 2004.